5 New Ways to Cut Costs and Improve Paper Quality

Traditional quality measurements make it very hard to properly recognise and control trends on the paper machine – this leads to variability, over specification and ultimately higher costs. For more than ten years Aurelia Group has developed new methods and tools for characterising and evaluating paper and paper machine performance – we’d like to share them with you.

Cut Costs & Maintain Paper Quality

Everyone is looking to cut costs while maintaining quality of their packaging papers. Aurelia Group have developed programs, knowledge and measurement tools that mean you can assess your paper machine performance and paper quality quickly and cost effectively.

In this webinar, learn from our internationally recognised,
award winning Managing Director, Russell Allan, as he demonstrates how to:

  • Measure and minimise paper over specification and unwanted quality variation.
  • Evaluate the potential for your paper machine to cut costs and improve quality
  • Cut the level of reject reels from your operation
  • Increase the speed and effectiveness of machine trials by a factor of 10
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and learn how to optimise starch addition
  • Learn how to re-design your product range to maximise performance and minimise production costs
  • Identify and improve machine processes that might be eating away at your paper quality